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Our Philosophy

Our management philosophy is “Contribution to Humanity” “Contribution to Society”.

Our philosophy is derived from the belief of the founder; Satoshi Sakurada that “Since human society exists within nature, nature should not be threatened” and Human beings are allowed to live by something.
To explain this philosophy in terms of stores, “Presence of the stores are supported by the community” and “The stores exist for the community”.

In addition to the aforementioned attitude of placing importance on the happiness of customers and the personal growth of working staff, we consider it important to ponder what can be done for the community, and put it into practice.
It can be almost anything if it is motivated to express gratitude to the customers as well as the community.

It is not easy but highly important to continue daily efforts to make customers feel that, “MOS Burger is cosy” and “MOS Burger is wonderful”.

What does MOS stand for?

M (Mountain) – To stand tall and firm like a mountain
O (Ocean) – To have a heart that is broad and deep as the ocean
S (Sun) – To have passion like the sun that never burns out

About the Founder

The founder, Satoshi Sakurada, gave the name MOS, containing unlimited love for human beings and nature. It is the MOS Burger chain that cares for nature and aims at a group of people who contribute to the creation of happiness both for people and society.